Q: Are puppies show/breeding quality or just for pets?

A: Yes, show/breeding quality but also for pets. Seller is not responsible for the dog’s ability to breed or the quality or size of the litters, unless breeding rights are purchased. 

Q: How long until I can get my puppy?

A: Earliest is 6 weeks, after their well check with the veterinarian. 

Q: What is in a Puppy Package?

A: Two weeks of food, package of treats, two toys, basic boosters, Rabies vaccine, microchip, and spay/neuter if taken to our vet.

Q: If we don’t use your veterinarian for Rabies, Microchip, and Spay/Neuter do we get a discount?

A: $100 rebate after proof of Neuter / Spay before 1 year old. Registry Papers will be held until proof is provided. 

Q: If unable to care for my pet can I rehome them?

A: No, must be returned to either J&S Brodhacker Bulldogs or One of a Kind Bulldogs Rescue. 

Q: What is an Olde English Bulldogges life expectancy?

A: Average 10-14 years

Q: Are Olde English Bulldogges good family dogs?

A: Yes, they are energetic and protective. 

Q: After getting my puppy when do I need to take him to the veterinarian next?

A: Within 72 hours for follow up shots and for a second opinion on general health. 

Q: What is their average size?

A: Approximately 16-20 inches and 50-85lbs.

Q: When will you start accepting deposits on puppies?

A: 4-5 days old

Q: How much are deposits?

A: $250 non refundable, but transferable to another litter. 

Q: When are final payments due?

A: 10 days before the puppy is shipped or the day they are picked up.

Q: When will we receive our Registry Papers?

A: Will either be supplied at time of purchase or in some cases will be mailed within 30 days of purchase, if we have not received them ourselves yet. The association can take as long as 2-3 weeks before they get us the papers. 

Q: What does it mean to purchase “Breeding Rights”?

A: It means you are purchasing the right to keep your pet unaltered and for breeding. 

Q: Is there a fee for “Breeding Rights”? 

A: $500 for Breeding Rights

Q: Is shipping available?

A: Yes, anywhere in the United States and Canada

Q: What is the shipping fee:

A: $350 flat rate, with $50 variation depending on location