A little about us and our story...

Hello there! My name is Shannon and my husband is Joey. Native to Columbia we both grew up in animal loving families, from lizards to birds, all animals were welcome. Every pet was considered one of the family and lived long and enriched lives. Over the years our love for animals has only grown and the ultimate holiday gifts were pets. Our first year together we bought a French Mastiff puppy and a Pot Bellied Piglet, followed by a Jaged Terrier puppy, then an Olde English Bulldogge puppy. Now years later watching my husband Joey, our son Little Joey and daughter Lucy interact with the dogs it's heart warming, our family wouldn’t be complete without “the boys”.

I had an English Bulldog as a child, but unfortunately it passed away soon after due to health issues. My husband bought me another bulldog as a wedding gift, but chose an Olde English Bulldogge instead of a traditional English Bulldog because research has shown they’re healthier and more active.  We often found ourselves discussing what breed of dog we’d get next to add to our clan, then we realized that breeding might be a good fit for us, so we purchased Lady to breed with Alvin.